What we do


We provide Staffing Service & Consulting Service through quality-focused  methodologies. Our Consulting Service include embedded/non embedded software project in the following areas:


  • Embedded Flight Software Development  in relation to Control System of International Space Station (ISS).
  • Actuation Systems of  Unmanned  Aircraft in relation to electrical braking system. 
  • Embedded Software Development in relation to Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller (FADEC) for Auxiliary power unit control of C5 Aircraft. 
  • Data Communication System of  Integrated Cockpit Voice & Data Recorder (ICVDR) for C130 Aircraft. 
  • Simulation Model Development in Real Time Computer system in relation to Future Combat System (FCS).
  • Systems Engineering Evaluation in relation to Electronic Check Commerce for end user merchants. 
  • Software Test Engineering for Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) for Bell Helicopter & Light Jets.
  • Reverse Engineering with point to point protocol (PPP) for assymetrical routing of high speed multimedia product to the marine boat anywhere in  the world. 
  • Detailed Design Guideline for Real Time Systems in relation to T45 Flight Simulator. 
  • Architectural Design & System Engineering Analysis in relation to Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV). 
  • Project Management in relation to procurement of flight hardware for International Space Station (ISS).
  • Project Management in relation to NASA Constellation Mission and that include Constellation Architecture, Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3I) Interoperability Standard and Human Systems Integration Requirement (HSIR).
  • Integrated Risk Management in relation to Flight Software Product for new generation spacecraft.



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